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"CRUSHED it": Adam Lambert's Cher imitation on That's My Jam's The Muffin Man pleased many.

Monday, April 17 at 10 pm ET, NBC aired That's My Jam season 2 episode 6. Two teams competed in an intensive singing competition in unique rounds.

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One of the tasks required the candidates to impersonate a singer and sing a song.

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When Cher impersonator requested Adam Lambert to perform The Muffin Man, he was taken aback.

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It was certain to be challenging for such a famous singer to put their own spin on a children's rhyme.

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But Adam rose to the occasion and performed The Muffin Man (and Cher's Believe) brilliantly.

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Lambert didn't hold back from making outrageous movements like Cher, and the result was instantaneous crowd approval.

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Adam Lambert's singing abilities on That's My Jam wowed viewers, and his team ultimately triumphed.

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