If you do not want to waste your hard earned money, keep these things in mind while using UPI from next time

UPI Payments Security

UPI Payments Security: If some things are not taken care of while making UPI payment, then your hard earned money can be wasted. Let us know about some security tips.

UPI Payments Security Tips : UPI payments have changed the way people make payments in India. Now it has happened that now there is money in the account, but there is no cash. Because of this QR code will be available from हम चाय की टपरी से लेक्र अत्य चालक तक. Everything from UPI is done in just a few clicks from the smartphone. UPI payment is much faster than any other online payment. UPI payment comes with support from multiple banks and platforms. But as online transactions are becoming more common, online fraud is also on the rise. Cybercriminals are constantly creating new schemes to cheat users and steal their money. UPI payments are also safe from these threats, so you need to keep some security tips in mind while making UPI payments.

Keep these things in mind while making UPI payment

Use a trusted UPI app

There are many different UPI apps available online, so it is important to choose a reliable and secure one. Some of the most popular UPI apps include Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm. These apps are available with the support of all major banks.

Keep your UPI PIN secure

Your UPI PIN is the key to your money, so it’s important to keep it safe. Don’t share your PIN with anyone, and never enter it on any website or app you don’t trust. You should also keep changing your PIN regularly.

Verify receiver details

Before making the payment, make sure that you verify the details of the receiver. This may include receiver’s name, UPI ID and mobile number. You can also verify the identity of the receiver using the “Verify Payment Address” feature on your UPI app.

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