Twitter Blue Tick: The Twitter company that gave back the blue tick.. The celebrities were pleasantly surprised..!

Twitter Blue Tick

Twitter Blue Tick: Twitter, which removed the user’s blue tick for non-subscription, has returned it.

In a society with new technologies, social networking sites play an important role in communicating with other people and getting information about the world. Twitter’s role in that is huge. Among them, celebrities and other prominent figures in the industry used to declare their accounts official with a blue tick symbol next to their names.

Removed Blue Tick

But with Elon Musk acting as Twitter CEO, he is taking several steps to improve the company’s financial position. In that case, it was stated that a fee would be charged for the blue code. The monthly charges have also been fixed at Rs 650 for internet and Rs 900 for mobile devices. Whereas it was reported that anyone can get a blue tick by paying money.

Whereas the non-paying users were initially informed that the Blue Tick will be removed from April 1. After that, the deadline was extended till April 20. Twitter company took up this project with the aim of expanding this project all over the world.

Also, three types of ticks—blue tick for users, golden tick for business accounts, and gray tick for government organizations were introduced. In such a situation, on the 21st, at midnight, the blue tick for all sectors like politics, sports, and cinema to pay fees on Twitter was removed. This caused a great stir. In this case, the blue tick has been given again to the users who have not paid the fee after two days and have 1 million followers.

Unexpected celebrities are expressing their happiness mixed with doubt without understanding how this is possible.

Elon Musk’s activities

Elon Musk, one of the world’s richest men, bought Twitter in October last year after a long wait. Not only the employees of the company, which changed hands for 44 billion dollars (Rs. 3.65 lakh crore in Indian value), but also Twitter users were shocked by Musk’s action. It is worth noting that he is taking action to make headlines every day.

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