Google’s 2 big decisions, Bluetick will appear on Gmail, Passkey will replace Password, read full news

Google Bluetick

Google has announced two of its new features. The Passkey feature has been introduced by removing the password. At the same time, now the email sender will get the blue checkmark feature on Gmail.

Google New Features Taking care of the facilities and security of the users, Google often brings new features. He also keeps on making many changes. These days two new features of Google are getting a lot of headlines. Including Blue Check Mark and Pass-Key. Both the facilities have been started to strengthen the security system of the users. Let us know about them in detail:-

Blue checkmark feature on Gmail

On the Facebook and Twitter side, now the email sender will also see BlueTick. According to Google, this feature will help email’s security system to identify and prevent spam. This feature has been rolled out, it is currently available for Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers. Soon personal account holders can also get this facility. Email fraud cases can be reduced through blue checkmarks.

Passkey has arrived

Now pass-key will be seen instead of password on website, application and account. Google has also rolled it out. Password can be converted to Passkey in a single step. According to the company, it is an easy and secure substitute for the password. With this, users will get an extra layer of protection to avoid fraud and spam.

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